svasso presents lowfi/hispirit recordings of hudaki village band on oostum

there was hudaki village band. from zakarpattija. on the small man made hill, in the middle age church, near the waddenzee.

there was borsjt, there were fish and kartosjki, wine and beer, the lot.

there many people, from groningen and ukraine, from 4 up to 84, shouting, dancing, clapping their hands, singing along with the beautiful songs of the beautiful musicians and singers of the hudaki village band.

it moved us all, to see how the kerk in Oostum didnt want us to pay rent, how the people at the waddenmax farm in hornhuizen talked with the farmers/musicians in hudaki and suddenly just gave us 50,00 euro s from their Cheese shop, for Ukraine, how we had delicious fish for twelve, at t Ailand on Lauwersoogs pier, and that they didnt want us to pay for that. in fact, Barbara even gave Hudaki the tip money of the restaurant…


good for the stomach, even better for the mind. best for the heart.Svasso thanks

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