bijna alles wat afwijkt is niet alleen weerloos

alles van waarde is weerloos, said Lucebert..

i think, that everything ( and every one) who is at least a bit different, is maybe vulnerable, but also strong enough not to be rendered harmless, and so to make a change. let s support that.

that s what i call working “inclusive”.

svasso plays: shame by vulva, die goldene zitrone, billy nomates’ no, “anorexia” from the amygdala sonata’s, stichera for boris and hleb by denis sorokin, richard davis and eric dolphy musing together, amy whinehouse doing beatles, gamardah fungus from ukraine, where the loves by adrian borland and the sound, and domenico scarlatti played by pierre hantai.

net no one render you harmless. love is all we need ( and mutual support and concentration…)

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