guidelines for bike riding to a meeting about music and equal education

svasso thnx radio antidoto, because it helps him getting his thoughts on music and education

formed… in a very comforting way…

now he s up to a meeting at the river….

playlist svasso minore for antidoto 15 th feb 2024

george harrison; my sweet lord/ galina ustvolskaja symphony 4 “prayer”

ustvolskaja by reinbert de leeuw: 5 th piano sonate in ten movements

billy nomates: no

5 th piano sonate in ten movements, ustvolskaja

jose carlos schwartz and cobiana jazz: mindjeres de pano preto ( women in black in war time)

ustvolskaja, piano sonata 5 in ten movements

eva – maria houben:  die himmelsmechanik

hedgehog moves her young to a safer place

5 th piano sonate in ten movements, ustvolskaja

als kurken, plan kruutntoone with isabellbats and andreja kosavic, ( and henry alles and fedja bonelli)

ando drom, phari mamo

herken de kolgans

ustvolskaja/reinbert de leeuw

yehudi menuhin plays bartoks violin sonata

gone bald the gamblin man

bamileke funeral music from cameroon

schubert, string quartet death and the maiden

richard davis/eric dolphy muses

tom waits , i put on trouble s braids ( nog steeds op zoek naar de afrikaanse track waarop dit geinspireerd is..)

Watcha plays Basungoute Jola akonting music

miles hofman playing stravinskys solo viola elegy


gambia live, sona djobarteh live at hertme


hotel room 1942 Brecht and Eisler

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