lonely warnings from left rheinufer, pluto. (impact based)


a somewhat lonely early warning impact based climate change Svasso incursion from  planet pluto, at the left rhein ufer, with messages about gaza, putin alone in his judoka suit being kicked out of avdiivka region, hans schnier van de kolen doing it for the first time with Marie Derkum, and warming her hands in his arm pits, orchestre baobab memories and the smell of hyena s from the town of Arthur Rimbaud…

playlist coming up.


that s another hour and 45 minutes of svasso for antidoto:

the other version of svasso radio, second week of feb.

without his voice…

playlist coming up.

i am only playing this to stay standing in this divided world,

and hope to give other people a bit of support,

by doing so.

( by playing the music of those that help me stay sane..)

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