action kills evil even if evil kills activists

( recordings of the travel to, the ending up for a while in a pro palestine demo, and standing there with the people on the square: all tomorrow in radio svasso minore for antidoto… here already the link to the music of last nights memorial music.)


on the day alexei navalny was killed,

avdiivka gracefully passed on to the meatmachine,

saving many ua lives ( and many russian lives, too)

denis got sick drunk,

varvara cried,

julija spoke to our “world leaders”

svasso only makes radio,

with music by:

denis sorokin, (stichera dor boris and gleb, memorial, the place you choose

hudaki village band, (rekity

galina ustvolskaja ( dies irae

igor stravinsky ( orfeus)

adrian borland and the sound ( new dark age)

nautilus pompilius(  wings)

televizor, (tvoj papa fascist

taganjka ( the best way ever_


odessa folk ( accordeon)

viktor tsoj and kino (vojna live)

pussy riot (police state and interview with daughter)

anna korsun ( pulsar)

and tracy chapman ( live, stand by me, ben e king)

and Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush- ,Don t Give Up..

(it s the next day, now and i m going to put my flowers on the Dam Square,

for i was told that : evil grows when we are inactive, our actions can stop evil from spreading…

now im coming back…  it was very impressive, we talked, we were silent, we cried, it helps.

at least for me, thank you, spasibo, djakuju, sjukran. ( couldn tfind flowers, put a basilicum plant for us, wisdom, strength and love for Navalnaja Julija and Darja.)

going home to write some music ( for Sorokin 🙂


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