svasso for darja t, anna m and marinus vd l… on antidoto!

first one hour:

then the second…

with an extra song for ChristianoSiri, di Trasfo a Giampilieri..

the logo in the pic is by Fedja Bonelli, it s not to be used yet, officially, cause still in progress, but i love it…

Playlist: (first hour)

Marc Ribot, live at Warhol,

Bela Bartok Yehudi Menuhin, violin sonata ( for Michaela Lilla)

Gone Bald, la vita e pericolosa per la vita,( ivicaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!)

La Squadra: Basso porto, for fredd and cri 🙂

The Sound, Party of the mind, for svasso

Sinta Wullur; Moods & Modes, for “de werkgroep Div en Verbinding 🙂

toccata organ,Jpz. sweelinck, for Jan Bas!

hansko Visser cites Saramago, postzegels: brood, balthasar en blimunda

Seamus Cater; like these very walls

Denis Sorokin plays prelude 1 Galina Ustvolskaja

the Hedgehog moves its children to a safer place ( vroege vogels) for Darja Trepova

Martin Ekhardt, Marcus Stahl, Lucente Stella ( to speak to whipser..) for Anna Mladic

Ando Drom, phari mamo album, for svasso himself..

OC/DC from Amygdala Sonata s with Hansko and Reinier and Dennis A Schmitz for Aimee

Talking Heads live, Burning down the house, for Marinus vd Lubbe

herken de kolgans ( vroege vogels?), (for K. Y. in loving memory of his father J .Y.)

Reinier van Houdt – Bruno Duplant, lettres et replis


non siamo pesci, Chris Obehi, live for Alpha

field rec from Scheidt woods, Sahrbruecken.. for S. and Jonathan 🙂

cheers, keep it up!

Dj Svasso Minore aka Mislzig,

(hansko for antidoto….)

playlist of the the second hour:

second hour:

Nick Cave and the bad seeds:  fifteen feet of pure white snow

crippled symmetry Morton Feldman

Ornette Coleman double quartet free jazz

kas concert: Messiaen; abime des oiseaux

Marc Ribot live @ Marlene Dumas expo

Cristina Branco canta Slauerhoff

oceans of cloud. Henry Grimes ( trio, or with Racheed Ali?)

plan kruutntoone; Karpaten

Ernst Krenek; Jeremiah

John Luri/Balanescu quartet: stranger then paradise/Jarmusch, for fredd

This is The Kit: bashed out

Vertical thoughts, Morton Feldman/Cornelius Cardew trio

with Hedgehog, moving it s child to a safer place

David Byrne: the red house ( Catherine Wheel; drums: Yogi Horton, ruggeeeeeeeeeeerooooo!!)

Scelsi; offspring ensemble: Mahknongan, Jason Noble Bass clarinet

Nick Cave and the bad seeds, we no who u r

bicycle olympic plein, amsterdam; resilient trees in sahrbruecken, the kolgans,

Janis Joplin, count your fingers ( for Christiano siri!!)

picture: at ADM, Ams, some years ago..)

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