djakuju antidoto and grazie ceda i olgica, thnk u fredd for working in Spielberg at the Radical Opera Center

some svasso soup ; sounds to enjoy, for all ascoltatoricicaicori!

svasso playing some music, from the kitchen in bonn,

comforted by the fact he felt theres good people around, too..

(and still enjoying the memory of being put off the train, yesterday, old school romantic travels in nihilon…

playlist :

scelsi piano voor Reinier

tallest man on earth live a jules holland

with a bit of my text added… for Lei

field rec from the woods near Scheidt/Sarrebrueck for Sask

sex crime 1984  eurythmics

freedom city utrecht krump hip hop stuff, i like, for Vitjah Chino

graindelavoix, gesualdo, tenebrae

Bury me sitting, Hansko, for Arturo Rimbaud and Jamie D Huxley

field rec from a tower near scheidt, singing old finnish gypsie song

Bach, d minor fugue from the woltemp.

Talking heads live in newe jersey, houses in motion

( with adrian belew and my kogans!) for Cri

multiperson disorder and borderline from Amygdala Sonates by reinier van houdt, hansko visser and Bas Alblas, live at defka Assen, for Aimee.

en Dennis A S.

kiraly quartet part one, version for strange organ… hansko

with the hedghog moving its young..( thnk u vroege vogels bnn vara)

fool on the hill, for fedja, beatles

running with the devil… for fredd! van halen, live intro from the car !

graindelavoix, gesualdo, tenebrae

eternal now, don cherry.

svasso soup from bonn on the pic,

grazie Antidoto, Grazie Ceda i Olgica! spasibo Wilhelmina E Jansen fonds..


and… also… danke dir, Illias, at the best in Bonn Beuel, for a really good place to work..

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