radiosvasso says privit to N. in biig Odesa

radio svasso minore, combines field recs from in an around today in “little odesa” with reading ( for Fedja) of Slauerhoffs diary notes ( Balfours, actually..) and music made today on the Tsjerdak…

we say privit to N. who left us to go back to Odesa ( the big one).

Budjte Zdorova N!

and be happy and safe!!

Kartjom Boksov is here and we play you a song… ( Vika even sings for us with Masha and your little sister on the drumz!

as we also play Sibil-la ensemble with works by Hildegard von Bingen, This is the Kit, Plan Kruutntoone, Rubakov Trio , Francis Bebey from Cameroon! Arie van Duivenvoorde from Katwijk na More, Viktor Tsoj Kino, live ( Vojna…)en Tom Waitts’ Shore Leave…

picture taken from svasso office at the hochsitz…

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