helping svasso out of morning impasso,

keep believing that we can still change something, anything..

dance to the radio for maria,

get out of the impasso with svasso

help svasso out of his,

from Cri Branco, singing slauerhoff, to Na Kolonia by Jose Schwartz,

for all , who want to believe that music still can change something,

in the twentyfirst cent. Where is my mind?

the specials, free nelson mandela, scelsi, piano and trumpet, funeral music in newe orleans for dr john, david byrne, bonn iver, pixies, susannah and the machine, aster aweke, galina Ustvolskaja, jose carlos schwartz and cobianan jazz, for erik en julie, Hanns Eisler, Joy Division, Sibil la ensemble /hildegard von bingen, the sound, where the love is, modern cymbalom, and the voice of Dylan T, ; death shall have no dominion.  ( field recs by hansko and saskia in Hessen…)

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