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scales are for lizards…/radiosvassolistenbroadlyclassical…

i was down, but:

..found some Space in de Ruimte in noord Ams and heard Oscar Jan play with Mike Reed and Lamar Gay, and it reall y made my day!! …then went back on my way to G…where I heard Mojca and Aca play.@ free grunn in de Nieuwe Kerk. ( jesus in my hood…) with stanimir Lambov Music and Auteja and Jorrit Westerhof and more people: Self Organised! and not afraid to sound!

loved my afternoon, drawing and dancing… wrote a review about being self organised and independent, not afraid to sound…

so back in Bonn, passing by at (Esc.rec. Esc.rec to bring the new release and artwork……) made a Svasso show; broadly local and classical only for Antidoto

Proudly passing the news that we sold Voronoi collective trio, tisa na tisu, the first copy! out on mislzig.rec. working on it, today…

music saves me. grazie, hvala, thank u, spasibo, djakuju and danyebad. hansko. (loves and greets bas and chris and ruggero)

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