radio svasso for alpha

some of you, ascoltatoriciaorici, know this man, and i thnk u, radio antidoto for

being able to make a short show for him today:

just a short (half an hour) music session,

for a friend, who likes music.

and may need a bit of music today,

thank you radio antidoto,


you can listen to:

sounds from the albert cuyp market, sona jobarteh ( gambia!) live op hertme, buju praying, jola funeral music ( from senegal), arnold de boer, bob marley, watcha ( casamance? also jola?) otita, and again sona jobarteh,

nangka nangka, moi djappa golo si njai!

take care, wishing you best,


(svasso minore)

grazie, antidotisici,


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