from the best kaffeeladen in beuel, svasso plays musichette

and he bought Elsavadorian coffee as a present for Bas, who worked in Nicaragua in the eighties!

thank u illias und carola,

thank u radio antidoto,


(n)ow(l) live svasso from bonn castel/beuel




now live svasso from bonn castel/beuel

albanase music for albanese lady and man, who sold us beautiful plants; tomato, peppah and strawberry… at mondorf…

after crossing da rivah



…. my poem for sinti jimmy rosenberg. followed by merav, ando drom, with bicycle of course

the brother victor and ? gore played also in the band of the great romica puceanu..

this voice and poem by guillaume pool, tilifo, paramaribo, the twenties…

svasso minore!

meanwhile making plans for nigel..

nightingale o h nightingale don t start to sing too early ..

she fell in love, with vanjusha…

svasso vanjushja

our nightingale is rosa the little cardboard organ, playing dennis’ score…


collins, with whom i worked and played, once met jimmy cliff in Ghana, when he was visiting, on tour, and collins was hustling near the hotel.

He got free tickets.. and when he said thank u, jimmy said: i thank u for letting me be who i am.


and im in the place with the coffee, where the guys is kurd, and anti-rascist barrista, and where they play bb king and amy whinehouse…

this is kurdistan music , contemporary..

i love it

danuk le le mi go

kaffeeladen beuel rules!

his name is Illias :))

what can u do..

yes, this is my music…. i hope it will be played once…

its a piece for klavier und accordion…

i t s called hhentpgewidmet, en ik draag het op aan de overlevende tweelingzoon van Nick Cave..


thanks hansko

my pleasure

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