mo and aron, adrian und hanns, nina en seamus, schonberg and chicago art, OC/DC and MC Abdul…. what can u do…

at least, that is what i think Arnold Schonberg tried to tell me Yesterday..

a two hours svasso incursion from bonn, the opera and the outside.

connecting aron and seamus, moses and mose, aimee and adrian, danuk and illias, and all you ascoltatoricaciciri.. ( the two of you….)

playlist coming up!



schoenberg klavier by pollini and glenn gould

whitney h, i will always ( dolly p.)

lots of live rec from the opera… aaron and mo, scho

de egel verplaats haar jong

 i can t escape myself, the sound

danuk ( syrian kurds)

not a second time, george martin and the beatles 🙂

voronoi  na tisu( slovenian, sicilian women and man and svasso on xtra guitar)

richard davis and eric dolphy

fela kuti wip

hansko and reinier; ocdc

boy wonder from palestine, you tube, mc abdul!

fiets olympia plein

hudaki village band, rekity

goldene zitrone heimsuchung

hindemith pian sonate glenn gould

naturtraene , nina hagen band live rock palast

from moses und aaron, schoenberg, kaftan en egel,

art ensemble of chicago, live in montreux

galinatok, pksolo/henrygrimes trio

eisler brecht: two songs: an den kleinen radio apparat, hotelzimmer ’42


ocdc reinier van houdt, amygdala s at spielberg

adrian borland walking in the oppsite direction

seamus cater crabb..

hansko visser, orfeus fuga, met egel

 ( played by Ruben Tekkelenburg in Zwolle, thank you)

Jose C Schwartz/cobiana jazz: mindjeres de pano preto

hansko and saskija in the tower of scheidt, shouting nazis raus and gypsies in at the tower of scheidt.

gambia  listen! Sona Jobarteh live at Hertme, overijssel..

with pitched up Dylan Thomas doing Death shall have no Dominion..

keep it up, Svasso says..

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