…just arrived in time na tramvajnoj ostanovke im. bertha van S.

to take over from VitjaH ( radio VictorChino,

who did an great interview and Yara (radio Submarine), who played music from Senegal.


and extra extra… https://archive.org/details/radio-svasso-stand-by-me-29-april-2024

I looooooove antidoto, I neeeeeeeed antidoto..

Svasso ( Minore)

extra extra Svasso, stand by me:


28 april

Radio svasso voor antidoto:

Uit Sporen ( in de PAIR) ( met o.a Lukas Simonis en

Mikst met de toren in het bas bij Scheidt

En Warm diertje, played by Bas.

Goz of Kermeur

Mikst met Amy Whinehouse/ all my loving

Botticelli, duet voor contrabass en cello

Ericson Ruiz spelt Kurtag, solo voor contrabas

Dies Irae, Kopacinskaja leidt Ustvolskaja

Charles Mingus talking from Toronto

Plus Anna Korsun, Pulsar

Plus Denis Sorokin, Which place you Chose

Plus King Crimson, Fracture

Plus herken de Kolgans, lighthouse fog horn, Portland

Plus recordings from demo for Palestina in Berlin, this year

Plus the Hedgehog moving it s child to a safer place

Asbesto Molesto, Guilija DeVal and Hansko , stones I the river, Trasformatorio, Giamplilieri

Ne me quitte pas, brel live

Mikt with Dennis Alexander Schmitz‘ score for Rosa, the little card board organ

and fuel station coffee machine during pandemic

Anton the cat Webern, drei kleine stuecke

Ando Drom, Djilav Tu.

bakh tu ke


playlist 29 april:

1 sibil la ensemble, hildegard von b. 2 nigel, xtc 3.

svasso will not talk, but write what s playing

4(sibil la…)

5 geese……

6. herr Anton the Cat von Webern, Bach Ricercare…

7.hedgehog moving it s child to a safer place

8 hudaki village band , misha…

9. webern….

10. bicycle in amsterdam, mine

11. hudaki village band, vitalik…

12. with hedgehog, of course

13 the sound dreams then plans

14. ida cox, wild women don t have the blues

15. morton feldman, rothko chapel

16. wild geesee

17 nick cave and the bad seeds; it s a wild world, live royal alb. hall

18 morton feldman, rothko chapel

19. wild geese

20, bicycle olympiaplein

21. tracy chapman, live. stand by me

grazie, ciao, notte, svasso

( waves)



froggs in giampilieri…


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