a bellerin’ plain with chanie


we had the picures of the drawings of Ken Leighton  ‘s Truth and Reconciliation  Project  https://tarpcanada.com/ at our “churchie” in Oostum, with the music of Eugene Chadbourne/Schroeder and Stanimir Lambov s Ensemble the Solitude. And with the wood cut portraits of ” the Paper Monument for the Paperless of Domenique Himmelsbach https://www.himmelsbach.nl/portfolio-view/a-paper-monument-for-the-paperless/

And whilst i was taking care of the soup, the sound checks and the string repairs, i picked up one of the fotographs, singeled it out, to hang it on the pulpit, next to my selfbuilt banjo.

i love my brothers, when i recognize one…

( as i feel they recognize me, sisters/didi ‘s just as well :))



Hansko/Svasso (m)

the truth an reconciliation project is set up by artist Kenny Leigton ans is about the 150,00 children

of the first nation people in ‘white canada’ that were forced to go to residencial schools and give up their identity. in the paper monument for the paperless, portraits are being wood cut and printed of and by “ongedocumenteerden” in Nederland.

Mooi @ Oostum is a series of trandisciplanary art events around a pan of soup and a radio transmitter in a 12 th century churchie North of Groningen. Mislzig co organizes with the ceda i olgica foundation a monthly ‘concert/exhibition” with artist that have something to tell us…

Thank You, Radio Antidoto, for takong part and providing the Platform ( totem pole…)

hansko, Svasso



for this series we d like to thank also gemeente westerkwartier, kunstraad groningen, hesther en niels, beringer hazewinkel stichting, wilhelmina e jansen fonds.

en Bas!

Playlist radio Svasso for Radio Antidoto Dot Org: A Bellerin’ Plain with Lazarus and Chanie:

Neil young live at bbc,  see the lonely boy, out on the weekend, trying to make it pay

Zu, End of Civilisation/ Kurtag, for Double Bass/Hildegard von B, rubor sanguis

Feldman vertical thoughts, by Cardew Trio

Gone Bald, Money Can Buy Me Love/I m a loser, Beatles

Feldman, crippled symmetry

Fragment of Autisme/Leningrad from Amygdala Sonatas, Hansko Visser

Piangere by Carmona Retusa

Jimi Hendrix, manic depression, live

Chadbourne and Schroeder live in Koffie en Ambacht

With a bit of Memphis Minny coming through

Gordie Down , the stranger : song for and about Chanie Wenjack,

Als alles eraf is, Plan Kruutntoone ( extended, version, with Icarus)

Seamus Cater Live at OOstum: Lazarus and..

Bellerin Plain; Capt Beefheat and Magic Band ( I used these lyrics when I wrote mine for al salles er af is…), thank you, Joris.

With fragments of One Day I’ll Fly Away, Randy Crawford

Blof, een mooie dag ( voor de dood)

In deze Droom Ook, Plan Kruutntoone

Drei Kleine Stuecke, Anton Webern,

Watcha, plays Djola, from Cassamance.. ( for Alpha)



2 thoughts on “a bellerin’ plain with chanie

  1. Aleksandr Belyaev says:

    Lieve vriend! Heel erg bedankt voor je interessante en mooie kunst! Ik wens je geluk en veel geluk!


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