it s not about how many

it is about how,

‘our’ politician have been good liars,

stupid people love to believe that “Climate change” is not an issue, because they want to think it s not.

they lead them to believe that what they ‘ve destroyed, willingly, was destroyed by a hand full of refugees. it s so easy. when you ‘ve destroyed education and let every one believe that it is about quantity, not quality. When you made people believe that it s about how many, and not about how.

that content is a thing on a web site or in media,

that a story is a thing on instagram,

that history is a cache, that can be to be cleaned

that farmers produce necessary food for ‘us’.

that grass comes in one sort.

intelligence in one color

and justice equals defense of your own position.

they love to spit on anyone who loves beauty and content,

they laugh at knowledge,

and now they can finally come out in the open, shameless as they ever where,

but a litle less scared.

to ventilate their views, to be the proud soldiers of their feudal bosses,

paying with the lifes of their grand children.

fly to wherever it doesn’t burn yet, or is not yet flodded , and kill everything that was less lucky,

because its “apart”.

but i will not shut up.

when i was 15 we were already bullied by these people in the village,

(where we had our rehearsal room, that we had to defend from their “attacks”. ( and we did, as much as we worked to get a new one everytime we got kicked out…)

(well be sure, you right wing assholes, we ll get you where you are the weakest: your biiiiiiiig underbelly.)

i feel scared to go the the swimming pool,

they r everywhere,

but if i feel scared already, here,

then that s a reason not to give in,

for the people i know (or don t know),

who have reasons to be scared.

dear ascoltatorici…we ll be in touch.

love.. ( i steal back the word from the wappies)

i ate the last soup.

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