gazza la’azrak biddar odessa

radio svasso minore for radio antidoto dot org,

emission 12 th of May, 2024,

with palestinian, ukrainian , goldbergian and plan kruutntoonian music, from trains and cellarfloors…

Radio svasso minore for

Walla gazza la’azrak biddar abba pojezd:


Issa Boulos , Dear to my Heart

Plan kruutntoone , Hoe komt t

Hindemith, glenn gould, 3 piano sonata

The Beat: ‘ands of she ‘s mine

Odessa folk music, accordeon from you tube

Serghi Zabolotnij, Lublju Tebe.

Issa boulos, walla la’azrak biddar

Goldberg variations bach, glenn gould

Chahar Mezrab Abu Ata by Hossein Alizadeh , Oud Negar Bouban

The day befor you came, abba

Sicilian folk music

Sviraj! Plan Kruutntoone

Eugene Chadbourne, duet with hansko mislzig at mooi oostum,

 The Specials, It doesn’t make it all right

Hansko in the cellar floor without the amp,,but with Epi.. 02.30 ish…

Grazie Antidoto,

Says Svasso

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