Add color to the future light

These girls don’t look too confident in their branches…? I suspect because it took so long to get their photographs taken…? Or …perhaps, the Christmas tree dresses were just uncomfortable..? I think some brandy & eggnog would help them get their twinkle ✨ on ! I hope you and your family are all well ❤️💚♥️

Tonight is winter solstice … Imagine an entire village at night , all rolling burning wreathes down a steep hill at once ..!🔥✨

I learned ( last year) , the history of the Christmas wreath . In pagan cultures…the wreathes were made in late summer & early autumn and hung on doors & buildings, for good luck…! At the Winter solstice, ( which is today..although sometimes the 22nd or 23rd )…the wreathes were taken to a hilltop at night , and set on fire, then rolled down the hill . Symbolic for a swift return of the ☀️sun…and better weather. I generally keep last years Christmas tree, and burn it either Christmas Eve or Christmas night ( thus my bonfire 🔥)…but this year I might burn it tonight for winter solstice ❄️

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