watch out, this bag belongs to Zorro (and zorro cares for us)

i love the totem pole that radioantidoto is (and has proven to be during this episode of our last pandemic!) kick kick kick. sick sick sick…

i am zorro. (once, some thirty years back, i saw a man on the platform, six in the morning. clearly in trouble. financial. mentally. heart felt. more then 25 meters away from him, i saw his bag. alone. a big cheap sports bag. filled with his belongings. all he owns. he doesn’t care, he doesn’t look at us, even: he has faith: written on the bag, in clumsy capitals, it says: watch out; this bag belongs to zorro (…and zorro cares for us)

faith. trust. home. music. that is why i use my radio-episodes for antidoto as a way to find myself back on the map, trying to get home, somehow. Webern can be my detour, as Ivica can be, Jan Yoors can teach me, as John Berger can, Fede can help me, as Feldman does. And Alpha. Or Orchestre Baobab, Mingus, my friend Bas.

ik geloof in de noodzaak van de dwaling.

after ‘life improvised tender pruts radio’ being put in waves for i sometimes put my shows on line at you may check them there, if you like! thnx. (playlists and details there included!).grazie mille,


fede and mose and brought me here! (minchia!)

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