svasso breaths before and after swimming

svasso 10 th janu 24

breath before

and after


for radio antidoto

vertical thoughst, morton feldman ( with cardew..)

birthday party ( with mick harvey..) say spell

steph thomopoulos, plays xenakis,

constant gejaag electrisch, plan kruutntoone plus vertical thoughts

say a little prayer, areetha franklin

putrav lesko drom, mogen je kleren scheuren, maar jezelf leven in goede gezondheid – otita jekk kafoo 3-BA-c3eLrg3A-192k-1701960987gambia? mixed with

ensemble tirana, black eyes

and selo selo dorfnarren oratorium , plan kruutntoone

black, i t s a wonderful world

with the Strav directing the rite, himself

and huang roo s favourite love songs from china

king crimson ( with john wetton) fracture

carmona retusa, carne

vertical thoughts, morton feldman, janusz and cornelius

rubakov trio, injured never damaged ( for eric dolphy)

eric dolphy ( with booker little and richard davis?); hall note

alpha and kollinx talking in zaal 100,

pksolo, hannah arendt/nightshift

hudaki village band, from rekity

george harrison, beware of darkness


sharhabil ahmed, sudan, argos farfish


grazie i miinchia


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