svasso asvogels van oostum preview :

a semi lijf striem

26 may, churchie of oostum,

four composers and their ad hoc kemenymadar ensembles play their version

of Asvogel, kemenymadar, birdfromthechimney.

a “mother score” in lino cut prints and composition directions, inspired by erno kiraly.

some fragments…

just giving the names of the people in our hour: ruggero di luisi/gabija/kopieslav/giuseppe/ucelli and, live from oostum:
Maris Pajuste, Melisa Delgado, Mojca Zupancic, Aurelie Journot, Nina Hitz, Eva -Maria Houben, Heribert, Bas Alblas, Filippo Gillono, Lukas Simonis, Marcello Giannnandrea , Carlo Sampaolesi, Henk Bakr, Hansko Visser, Saskia Werners, Dolf Planteijdt,Jimi Hendrix, Ladik Katalin and Erno Kiraly. koszonem szepen, dajkuju, hvala, danke, shukraaan, thnx, mersi. ( some found footage from teheran…)
and Aimee Terburg
hendrix night!!!!!
i looooooooooove it…
take a train with jimi

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