nikogda opjatj:eto sejtjas!

nie wieder is jetzt!

Fedja works in Piccola Odesa, Masja plays the old Piano, Svasso does Antidoto:

two hours of music ( hudaki, ustvolskaja, mcAbdul and power to the bees…) field recs from the anti fascist meeting in Gelnhausen, text, read by svasso, from the speech of Masha Gessen when rewarded ( in private…) the Hannah Arendt prize…

thank you radio antidoto dot org, thank you richard davis, thank you, kopachinskaja, thank you ceda i olgica, djakuju Mash, Dash, Vik, i Art!

playlist coming up!!!

i loved the pasta, Fedja!

Svasso (m.)



radio svasso minore  semi-live from lizzie wagner roc,

28- 01 -2024

jurgen veenstra/wh^rl- powwr to the bees

woman speaker at anti afd demo in gelnhausen

the specials – a message to you

hansko monkjazeerakhaamblues,

beatles – old brown shoe, with kurt wagners yamaha ..

ustvolskaja, prelude ( piano)

the marvelettes – please,,mr postman

Watcha sings ( Jola from Senegal)

the sound – resistance

with fragmenst of mischa Hillesum playing Bach..

field rec, oberste markt, 27jan 2024, gelnhausen

mc Abdul from Gaza..

Leo Brouwer plays Leo Brouwer a day in November

jiddish song from Odesa

with fragments from Kontaket, Karl Heinz Stockhausen

Plan Kruuttnoone met Razorblade JR, Volken de Vlas, Andreja Kosavic, Henry Alles, Federico , il cane, Bonelli,

mixed with Pussy Riot ( Ru), I cant breath, forGeorge Floyd..( Usa)

goldene zitronen: katakombe

with a touch of Elvis in the Ghetto,

and sounds of the First Nations , Canada

Eric Dolphy and Richard Davis – Muses

Rosa Henderson- He may be your Dog but he s wearing my Collar,

Hudaki Villiage Band, live at the Kulturkeller, Waechtersbach.

Hansko; Blues for Bert Jan.

The Jam- this is a modern world

the hedgehog moving its childeren to a safer place… ( vroege vogels, Bnn Vara)

round square field rec gelnhausen

ando drom, ( “hungarian” romale): alo malo

sharhabil ahmed, sudan Maly ya saly, habibi funk

neneh cherry and the thing, , the accordeon,

( with Pal nilsen love, mats gustavson!)

with viola sonata, shostakovitsj, for a while teacher of Galina U, but had to learn from her…)

newen afrobeat ( chile) with seung kuti: oposite people: them go show themseselves!…

herken de kolgans

oregon light house

antifa gelnhausen

george harrison: my sweet lord

richard davis and eric dolphy

with a bit of Dido, no white flag,

and a lot of Terrapolis, Giulia DeVal, guys doing Parkour

and the hedgehog..

Eric Dolphy, Booker little, Richard Davis? live at the five spot: Aggression

( ill check for the drummer… sorry)

children and me doing rattles and self buit listopadshakers at gelnhausen.

Danuk, Syrian Kurdish Music,. Le Le

Viva la Mexico in the Mehrzweckhalle… ( il cane , Bonelli)

Bicycle Olympiaplein,

morton Feldman ( cardew trio, with Sam Richards?) Crippled Symmetry

PKSOLO , “hotel uropa”

David Byrne, Catherine Wheel,

Reading from speech of Masha Gessen, accepting Hannah Arendt Prize,

(masha gessen survived putin and trump: she wrote : surviving autocracy…)

a very clear mind!

David Bowie; this is not America

with the rattles from the kids in Gelnh.

Ida Cox, wild women don t have the blues

ustvolskaja piece, for contrabasses, piano and wooden box ( kopachinskaja)

plus hedgehog..

from Ando Drom, djilav tu.. the album..

herken d kolgans/vadni rats, for Jan Yoors and Djidjo..

spoki noki

your truly,


for Antidoto, thank you Fredd..

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