looking for love in the strangest places

with a flash light and a radio


(thats the one edited, with sasha reading the traveller froggie)


(thats the one svasso placed initially)


Svasso for antidoto 9 th may 2024:

Looking for love with a flashlight and a radio:

(radio noise from the fool on the square… shellac live; end of radio… ljagusjka…)

Shellac; prayer to god

Hudaki Village Band; rekity

arnold Zea de boer, hald dy de harses

fragments from Razorblade jr one man noise show live at varadin 2001

shellac, squirrel song

arnold Zea de boer, hald dy de harses

variaties op rots van mijn behoud 444, woodstone kugelblitz with hansko mislzig

Stravinsky, Chamber, Elegy for Viola

Sicilian folk songs

Ahmad Kaabour Ounadikoum, with some sound of palestine demo, poor people of Gaza….

…… love don t live here anymore, Roce Royce,

Plastic Ono Band, instant karma

And a lot of train noises ( aboy on a train, near Duesseldorf) Collar Geese, I love ringo Star,

Schapies at Blankenberg, frogs in Giampilieri,  aboy on a train, near Duesdeldorf,

Sasha reading the end of Ljagusjka P

Thank you antidoto, thank you sasha


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