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Yesterday we have opened the door, broadcasting with mobiles from around Turin and Liguria. This morning we go to the island of Taiwan, in the city of Kaoshung, a big harbour city.

Our friend Hsiao Ying, gifted curator and initiator of a local artist cooperative and gallery, took us with her and her sister on a downtown ride, starting from a parlor and out on an electric scooter to the night market.
Back they stopped to the coffeplace that act as the base for a very serious community of young makers, students and artists.

Selection of the soundwalk

Taiwan is advanced into the social understanding of arts, and the program of arts as occasions for community builders has a long history, confronted as well with resilience, environmental issues and respectful preservation of tribal cultures and other minorities.

Thank you for your sounds and images!

Downtown, were we can listen to a street artist and puff a smoke
Radio Antidoto
Radio Antidoto


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