Juha Uho-Celovieku


playlist jan 5 th

svasso suppitsa uchotsjelovjeku


for saskia and her father, for dolf, for fredd and ivica, for jonathan und dennis,  for denis and galina, well, for jevgenij, GiunA and cri and , well…for antidotistici/ascoltatoricaciori vsego mira

and for me


peperbus zwolle plays hansko

fiets olympia

jose carlos schwartz, djenabu, voor frans en voor saskia

alan lomax’ rec of rl burnside: see my jumper hanging on the line

nina simone; sinnerman

sinead o connor just call me joe live.. ( sorry for the stupid synth and the compressed snaredrum, she can t help it, i guess, it s the sound man…)

herken de kolgans

plastic ono band, cold turkey

gone bald, la vita e pericolusa per la vita

mano pane from the choir of cosio,

toccata sweelinck

the sound missiles live at no nukes

galina ustvolskaja. marianne schroeder: composition n 1 donna nobis pacem

plan kruutntoone de lijn ( opname Tanco, voor cassette)

galina u, donna nobis paecem,

goldene zitronen; heimsuchung

jules de korte toen ik naakt was

plan kruutntoone met reinier van houdt; stukje “nee, zo niet” rec by dolf at vache-a-louer

galina, pacem

mississippi fred mcDowell, wished i were in heaven sitting down



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