yulia and denis, seamus and nino, maria and cornelius, we know who u are, djakuju.


svasso soup and live recordings from Mooi op Oostum for radio antidoto,

with nino gvilia and seamus cater live, with Denis Sorokin for Navalnaja this day..

with a bit of Cornelius Cardew for Sam Richards, and Zerfliesse mein Herze, by Cartherine Bott for all

grustnie ljudi,

we care and try to stand with you..

play list:

 Denis Sorokin: Stichera fro Boris and Gleb,

Nino Gvilia live at Mooi op Oostum ( that same afternoon!)

Wild women don t have the blues (Ida Cox)

Seamus Cater, live At Oostum ( also there and then..)

Nick Cave and Bad Seeds, we knw who u r

Zerfliesse mein Herze , JS Bach, Catherine Bott

Cardew Trio , Treatise , Cardew.

Julia, Eurythmics

Denis Sorokin, Stichera

Amy Whinehouse , live, you ll never know how much i love you (donny hathaway)

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