Radio Zorro – only classical music…

Radio Zorro – only classical music…

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22:00 - 23:00
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photo by by valentijn kortekaas

for more than a year now,
hansko broadcasts for radio antidoto,
under the name of zorro…
he loves antidoto, being the digital totem pole
that helps us connect.

‘ my aim is to use antidoto as a chain in the structure
that helps us all to stay sane in this mad world;
i try do do so by meeting people, talk witjh them,
recording as much as i can and sometimes
use that in my music or just play it along
with the music of my friends, collegues and
‘classical’ spirits, that share this independance”

thank you radio antidoto,
for meeting up with
francesco, yara, fredd, vittorio, cri, giunA and all others,
and for being able to extend and share my sources:
from scelsi to carmona retusa, from salmoni to stravinsky,
from ivica to federiiiitzko,
from refugees to winefarmers,
from turi in sicily to mariella in cosio,
from avery plaines to eisler,
from eisler to tamikrest,
never rest!
and never be rendered harmless!!!

keep it up!!

mostly (almost) every sunday from 22.00 to 23.00
after yara submarine or vittorio and before “il cane” fredd.
sometimes, suddenly , incursioning from the depth of a river…
sometimes from Nordrheinwestphalistan, sometimes from a ship in the North,
sometimes with our friends from Afghanistan, sometimes from a safe Port.
zorro antidoto is also on

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