guiseppe explaining the birds in his head

Playlist svasso for la r gialla and lo z rosso and vitjah and fra.

Kongerei, tuva singers and kronos quartet

Kronos quartetm night prayers

Recognizing the geese

Nice train

Hedgehog moving ist child to a safer place

Utrus hora; orchestra baobab live!

Hansko sampling Orfeo backwards..

Gyacinto Scelsi ; Aion

Portland lighthouse, forghorn

Igor conducts the rite of spring himself

Susanna and the magical orchestra, love will tear us apart

nice train sounds

susan and the mag orch, again piercing through..

Billie Holiday, strange fruit, live..

Victor gore, Old Lautari music
Koronos Quartet, Night Prayers
coming up:::
This is the kit: Bashed out
Schubert String Quartert ( death and the maiden)
Funeral line pete fountain at new orleans street
Amy Whinehouse back to black, live acoustic version


is the Kit

bashed out

svasso will take away the hedgehog to a quieter place… together with her young

( called neil…)

(silent d.j, writing..:)

there she is! acoustic version!

with la squadra, they help carrying…

don t worrie, they will be gone soon, and she ‘ll be standing…

u see?


this girl… so sad…

Vertical thoughts, m feldman, by cardew trio..

this time, all the way through…

filtering out all the other input….

the noise is in the recording 🙂

oj vulica, andreja kosavic, drunk boat orchestra…

Djidjo and we had passed, plan kruutntoone with Henry Alles and Federico Bonelli (

Neneh Cherry and the thing… accordeon,
( with Mats G. and Paal Nilsen L)
(was looking for Don Cherry, cam up with his daughter !)

man, what a drummer!

woman! what a drummer!

fedjaaaaah, serdse mojeeeeeeeeh!

silent dj, even if no listeners.. 🙂

… recording, though…;)

crippled symmetry!

Crippled Symmetrie, feldman

Radio Kopieslav, Giusseppe s birds….
(ruggero di Luisi, from Palermo, Groningen and Amsterdam..)

Giuseppe is in the documentary that Ruggero s friends made about a mental asylum in Sicilie, he s wonderful

explaining his world..

this is Gabija playing, too…

from Groningas, Lithuania…

words, neil hedgehog young, harvesting…

grazie antidoto, ciao!

…one of the better guitar solo s around 🙂

ciao a tutti :)) if anyone there.. keep it up, keep it sane, keep it save.. svasso

yoors truly


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  1. Rickie says:

    I love this! Thank you so much Hansko💗🩵💜💝♥️🤍💛🖤🪱🦔


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